EXCLUSIVE: SimActive’s Philippe Simard on the benefits of deploying drone tech


SimActive’s president, Philippe Simard, has championed the use of drones and how they are offering operational advantages for the firm.

Speaking exclusively to Commercial Drone Professional as part of this month’s special report on Surveying and Mapping, Simard talked through the benefits and how easy it is to get the technology into operation.

He explained: “Acquisition and processing of imagery collected by aircrafts and satellites are generally long (e.g. several months) and lead to image resolutions in the order of 10cm a pixel at best.

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“Drones allow projects to be flown, processed and delivered within the same day, at subcentimeter resolutions. This provides a big operational advantage.”

On the obstacles the tech can provide, he added: “While the technology appears to be very easy to use, it may be challenging for organizations new to it to produce accurate results.”

Concluding: “Knowledge needs to be acquired through proper training on both the correct acquisition of data, and their subsequent post-processing. These two aspects play an important role in the quality of the mapping products produced.”

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