EXCLUSIVE: The drone industry reacts to Venezuela President ‘drone assassination attempt’


The drone industry has responded following a ‘drone assassination attempt’ on the president of Venezuela.

News broke yesterday that President Nicolás Maduro survived an assassination attempt involving explosive drones while speaking at a military event in Caracas.

According to the BBC, communications minister Jorge Rodriguez said two drones loaded with explosives went off near the president’s stand.

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While the event took place in Venezuela, the attack has the potential to impact the growth of the commercial UAV market around the world.

A spokesperson from DJI told Commercial Drone Professional: “DJI makes products purely for peaceful purposes, which is how the overwhelming majority of drone operators use them, and we deplore any use of our products to bring harm to anyone. While some of the facts remain unclear, we stand ready to assist investigators of the incident that took place in Venezuela.

“Government and industry are already working together to create solutions to security challenges via remote identification technologies that will confirm authorised drones while providing early warning against rogue drones. DJI has been working with United States and European officials on these solutions since early last year.”

According to the BBC, six arrests have now been made in relation to the attack.

In order to prevent incidents like this, regulators around the globe often implement temporary flight bans. There is currently a drone ban across Glasgow as part of safety measures for the European Athletic Championships.

The BBC’s video of the speech can be found below.

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