EXCLUSIVE: Uber of commercial drone insurance enters beta testing

App-based commercial UAV insurance firm, Flock, has edged closer to a widespread roll-out of its newly developed mobile app by entering the beta test stage.

The company, which was founded by Antton Pena, offers commercial operators easy pay-as-you-fly cover, meaning operators only pay for the time their UAV is in the air, as opposed to an upfront year-long cover.

The app, which was created in partnership with Allianz, takes operators through a 15-second process of getting cover asking them to enter the region they’ll be flying in, which the app uses to calculate risk and liability, in addition to the timeframe needed.

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The company has also created a claims platform within the app for users needing to make a claim. It is then able to verify the incident and make a pay-out.

While CEO Ed Leon Klinger is looking to roll-out the app through the App Store for Android and IOS users within the near future, there is now a select group of commercial drone users utilising pay-as-you-fly insurance.

At the Commercial UAV Show, CEO Klinger sat down with Commercial Drone Professional to outline the company’s progression and the industry’s uptake of the model so far.

He said: “The feedback from users has been really positive. I think the main thing that people are feeding back to us is that no one expected it to be as easy as it is. We have a slogan on the website that is ‘tap, tap, take-off’ and it literally is that, you can now insure yourself on the app in two taps, which, as far as we know, is the simplest on earth.

“Commercial operators typically struggle with slow annual policies and can now just tap their phone twice and be insured anywhere in the country for as low as £5.”

While the entrepreneur has received mass praise from members of the commercial drone sector, he acknowledges that the app in its current form is not for every business model and outlined the company’s growth strategy.

Klinger added: “For us it’s about recognising a sub-set of the market but it doesn’t suit everybody’s needs, pay-as-you-fly will never suit the entire market. So now we’re actually working on, is what we call our enterprise project.

“It allows us to branch into the rest of the drone market, specifically operators who have requirements beyond pay-as-you-fly nature, so we’re working with enterprise customers to develop that.”

More information about the company can be found on its website.

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