Extreme Flier’s Micro Drone 4.0 campaign exceeds expectations


Extreme Fliers’ Micro Drone 4.0 campaign surpassed expectations meaning the model can introduce a high-end controller, alongside more Neurala-based features to the drone.

The campaign raised more than $1m (£759,000) in just three months and will add features such as ‘follow me mode’ and custom flight paths to the drone.

The company said it owes some of its success to DJI’s Colin Guinn, who personally endorsed the drone.

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Extreme Fliers, the creator of the Micro Drone, launched the Micro Drone 4.0 in January and describes it as the “next-generation palm-sized drone”.

Designers have said that the new device bridges the gap between entry-level and professional drones by being the first palm-sized drone to offer stable HD video.

It offers the ability to hover on the spot, has hot-swappable 1200 mAh batteries, and features foldable propellers for easy and quick storage.

With a Sony sensor, Micro Drone 4.0’s camera takes in more light and can record full 1080p HD video.

The camera also offers a combination of gimbal stabilised footage with 110 degrees of view along with electronic image stabilisation to capture smooth images and videos, which can be shared from the Micro Drone app.

A handheld booster controller will also be available which extends the range from 100m to 200m.

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  1. You need to revisit this project.Nothing but lies, delays, and downgrades have occurred and Vernon does NOT answer backer questions .Look at the comment section-lies and screwing over by Vernon Kerswell. Follow up and get real story out!

  2. As has been suggested by Scott you really should revisit and review what is happening with the Micro Drone 4.0. The campaign is almost entirely following the ZANO mess from a few years ago. Vernon and his team have lied and misled customers/backers from the beginning. Changing specs along the way (read downgraded), and not announcing those changes until after the refund window was closed. The add-on remote that you mention, that’s supposed to “extend” the range, Not needed now. remote does not add range at all. And this is on a product that was sold to backers as being “production ready” from day one. All Vernon was asking was for help to get the drone that was “production ready” as all testing and prototyping were complete.

    Go watch videos on YouTube regarding this sham. There is also a Facebook community setup lookup (Micro Drone 4.0 Disappointment (MD4) ).

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