FAA approves AV-30-C panel display from uAvionix


uAvionix Corporation has confirmed what it describes as a “long-awaited” AV-30-C panel display approval from the FAA.

The AV-30-C offers pilots an effective and affordable AI or DG replacement that goes far beyond a single feature gauge.

AV-30-C is installable as either an AI or DG and adds a suite of in-flight information to the panel right out of the box, including a Probeless Angle of Attack Indicator, Baro Corrected Altitude, Indicated/Vertical/True Airspeed, Non-Slaved Heading, Bus Voltage, G Load, GPS Navigational Data, and more with additional features to be announced.

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It is designed to fit into nearly any aircraft with a three and one-eighth inch round instrument slot without cutting or modifying the panel.

By mounting from behind the panel, AV-30-C preserves the aircraft’s original classic look while bringing the latest that modern avionics has to offer to the panel.

The AV-30-C STC provides authorization to install in FAR Part 23 Class 1 and Class 2 aircraft (singles and twins weighing less than 6000 lbs) that are listed on the AV-30-C AML (Approved Model List), containing 635 Aircraft models including Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, American Champion, Maule, Boeing, Swift, Mooney, Aviat, and others. The full AML is available at uAvionix.com/AV-30.

AV-30-C works brilliantly as a single primary instrument or by installing two units, one as an AI and another as a DG, the aircraft’s original failure-prone vacuum pump system can be removed to further benefit from a fully digital primary instrument cluster.

It extends its functionality outside the cockpit as the companion to tailBeaconX, the latest 1090/ES ADS-B Transponder with Aireon support for world-wide use and future mandated airspaces. Upon tailBeaconX TSO certification, AV-30-C can double as tailBeaconX’s control interface, allowing the pilot to set the mode and squawk easily, while maintaining AV-30’s existing feature set.

tailBeaconX with AV-30-C removes the need to drill additional holes in the airframe to satisfy diversity requirements in countries outside the U.S. and keeps installation costs at a minimum.

COO Ryan Braun, said: “uAvionix is creating avionics with fundamental engineering advantages. These are beautiful, no-compromise certified avionics designed to deliver an affordable total cost of ownership. The AV-30-C provides an innovative probeless angle-of-attack and non-slaved directional gyro, both designed to dramatically lower the cost of installation without compromising performance.

“Where other avionics seem designed to be replaced, the AV-30-C will get better with age. We’re actively developing ADS-B In, electronic flight bag, transponder, and autopilot integrations to ensure AV-30-C becomes an indispensable instrument for every panel.”

AV-30-C will support third-party autopilot systems via the APA-MINI adapter, interfacing AV-30’s Heading Bug with legacy autopilots. The APA-MINI autopilot adapter is expected to release early 2021, with more advanced autopilot integrations to follow.

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