FAA approves Empire Drone Company for New York farms


Empire Drone Company, founded in 2018, has been approved by the FAA for the spraying of pesticides and herbicides and the distribution of seeds on New York farms and orchards.

The FAA gave Empire the Part 137 certification which means it can now begin offering its services to New York farms.

The company claims that, compared to traditional methods, its services offer New York farms a number of benefits.

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These include: saving time and money, removing people from the vicinity of harmful chemicals, and also reducing run-off of pollutants into the water supply.

Empire claims its drones can cover up to 24 acres per hour, flown manually or on an automated, pre-determined route.

It will offer to use its drones to spray farms’ crops, or else train farmers to pilot their own drones.

Empire offers a number of other services, including drone detection and mitigation technologies, aerial inspection and mapping, and is also a distributor for DJI and other drone brands.

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