FAA to ban drones from getting too close to navy vessels


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the civil aviation body in the US, is restricting drone flights from coming within 3,000 feet laterally and 1,000 feet vertically from particular maritime vessels.

In cooperation with the Department of Defence (DOD) and the United Coast Guard (USCG), the FAA is using its existing authority to address concerns over malicious drone lights near U.S. Navy (USN) and USCG vessels operating in the vicinity of Naval Base Kitsap in Washington state and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia.

The FAA has also warned drone operators that these USN and USCG vessels are authorised by law to take protective action against drones perceived to be a threat, such as those violating the cited FAA special security instructions.

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This action could result in interference, disruption, seizure, damage or destruction of these drones. Operators who do not comply with the FAA special security instructions may also be subject to enforcement action, including potential civil penalties and criminal charges.

In a separate Special Notice Advisory, also effective today, the FAA strongly advised drone operators to remain clear of DOD and Department of Energy facilities and mobile assets, as well as USCG vessels.

This Special Notice applies nationwide and alerts operators that ignore this caution and conduct drone flights perceived to be a safety or security threat to these facilities and mobile assets could face interception.

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