FAA to get tough on rogue drone pilots in the US


UAV pilots in America are now more likely to face stricter sanctions from the Federal Aviation Administration if they are caught breaking the law.

The FAA made it clear that drones interfering with wildfires, law enforcement efforts, or other first responders, such as medical flights, will now face more serious civil penalties.

The authority made the announcement in a statement last week and went on to say how it would be just as strict with first time offenders too.

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In July 2016, Congress authorised the FAA to impose a civil penalty of up to $20,000 for anyone who operates a drone and deliberately or recklessly interferes.

Under FAA guidance, inspectors generally use non-enforcement methods; however, given the potential for direct and immediate interference with potentially life-saving operations, offenders will now be immediately considered for enforcement actions including revocation or suspension of a pilot certificate in addition to the $20,000 civil penalty per violation.

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