FAA to speed up drone ID process with new test program


The Federal Aviation Administration has launched a new test program with the aim of speeding up the drone identification process.

Paid for by drone industry parties, the program sets out to create eight company-financed prototype projects to look at different options.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the aim is to verify technologies and provide real-world data to accelerate broader regulatory steps intended to expand commercial uses of unmanned aircraft.

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So far, it is believed that due to lack of simplicity in drone identification, US authorities have resisted the urge to open up large amounts of US airspace to the industry meaning the commercial and professional marketplace is being somewhat held back.

The WSJ went on to detail that one of the main questions that still must be answered is whether drones will broadcast positions using cellphone signals or use more extensive internet networks.

In November of last year, CDP reported on the shake up of the FAA’s leadership team.

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FAA shakes up leadership team

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