FBI director warns that terrorist drones pose an ‘escalating threat’

The director of the FBI has warned of the increasing risk posed by terrorists using commercial drones to carry out attacks.

He is concerned that terrorist organisations, criminal groups and drug cartels are progressively looking at drones as a new way of committing an assault.

In a senate committee earlier this week, FBI Director Christopher Wray described how “terrorist groups could easily export their battlefield experiences to use weaponised drones.”

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According to a report by Bloomberg, Wray’s comments are his most forceful to date on the matter.

He went on to describe how their retail availability and “lack of verified identification requirement to procure and general ease of use” means they could soon be used to carry out an attack on US soil.

The same report details how Wray described the observation work by the FBI which found “repeated and dedicated” attempts by the likes of ISIS and Al-Qaeda to commit fatal attacks using drones.

This news comes just days after President Donald Trump signed a bill giving US authorities more power to take out drones which are believed to of potential threat.

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BREAKING NEWS: Trump to sign drone shoot-down authorisation bill

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