Fewer retailers are using Amazon and eBay to sell, report claims


Just over a third of retailers now utilise third party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay as part of their sales activity.

That’s according to a new report that looked at some of the UK’s top retailers and suggests 3% fewer businesses use third party platforms, compared to two years ago.

This is despite latest figures showing the value of such platforms; for example, 45% of consumers are more likely to go first to Amazon when looking for an item than anywhere else.

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The analysis also found that under 30% of the UK’s top 250 retailers are taking full advantage of the benefits offered by Google Shopping; a 3% drop since last year.

Recent studies show that Google Shopping adverts are driving three-quarters of the global retail search advertising spend.

The statistics were included within an annual retail performance index carried out by e-commerce and digital agency, Visualsoft.

Chris Fletcher, head of onboarding at Visualsoft, commented: “The retail market is becoming increasingly fragmented, with an ever-growing range of channels through which shoppers can begin, continue and end their purchasing journey.

“Whilst focusing on an effective website is vital, brands must never underestimate the importance of multi-channel selling.

“Worryingly, the figures have slumped slightly across key metrics – most of which were already underperforming. Many leading brands are therefore swimming against the tide of consumer behaviour and missing out on growth opportunities as a result.

“Brands that fall outside of the top 250 should therefore be jumping at the chance to make the most of this channel and the sales boost it can provide.”

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