First European drone summit prepares to take off


A European drone conference is being launched in a bid to further the development of civil drones across the continent.

Key experts from leading manufacturers and service providers will be demonstrating their solutions at the inaugural European Drone Summit, which is set to host around 250 participants from all over Europe.

High-ranking representatives from the German parliament, Airbus, DLR and research institutes will also be taking part in the exhibition, which is due to get underway in Frankfurt on October 15.

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The conference will focus on interactive discussions, presentations and sharing information across different specialisms. The target groups are politicians, the drone industrial community, major user groups and service providers.
Intel is a gold sponsor to the event, and a leading business figure in drone technology is lined up to deliver one of the keynote speeches.

“As more industries are increasingly unlocking the power of data to fuel business transformation, many of them are turning towards the skies,” said Anil Nanduri, vice president and general manager of the Intel Drone Group.

“Managing and inferring insights from this data will be the digital transformation that we expect in the coming future. Drones are a valuable tool to capture data more accurately, efficiently, and safely. We can expect to see emerging applications for this technology that help businesses automate everyday tasks and identify, analyse and predict issues in a way that could not be done before.”

DJI’s Martin Brandenburg added: “Customers have plenty of uses for high-quality products in the film and construction industries, emergency services, agriculture, inspections, natural protection and lots of other areas.”

The ticket shop for the event is now open, and anyone booking by 21 July 2018 will secure the early bird discount.


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