FIRST LOOK: UK-based Tritex develops drone for mounted thickness gauge launch

Tritex NDT has developed a drone dedicated to carrying its recently launched Multigauge 6000 thickness gauge.

The Dorchester-based firm has specifically designed the gauge to be mounted onto drones for high-level inspections and, in doing so, has developed to drone to offer a complete package to customers not already familiar with the tech.

The unit, named the Multigauge 6500, is a coaxial octocopter, which offers multiple motor redundancy and keeps airframe size to a minimum.

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It operates using a DJI Lightbridge 2 control system and has an integral camera and has been designed for reliability.

The gauge uses multiple echo to completely ignore coatings up to 20mm thick and the single crystal probe ensures accurate readings on curved surfaces, such as storage tanks, pipelines and in the marine industry.

Jon Sharland, sales manager at Tritex NDT, commented: “We are pleased to be leading the field in this development and proud that we have the first commercially available dedicated drone thickness gauge, which has been developed in response to customer’s feedback and requirements.”

Designers say remaining metal thickness and corrosion levels can be quickly and more easily checked without the need for scaffolding or rope access.

It can transmit real-time measurements wirelessly up to a distance of 500m using its integrated RF transmitter.

The readings are displayed and stored on dedicated communicator software within templates in a grid or string format.

The software has an autologging feature to ensure no measurements are missed.

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