First UK airport trial of a drone surveillance system hits the sky

Drone Trial at LSA 2

A successful trial of a ground-breaking drone surveillance system is underway at London Southend Airport.

The drone detestation system, which is part of a collaboration between IPS IS and METIS Aerospace SKYPERION’s technology, is being trialled in a bid to catch rogue operators.

The surveillance system allows UAVs to be tracked and it is able to identify where the operator is located, something which has previously not been made possible.

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Rogue drone operations are becoming an increasing issue for UK airports with upwards of three to four sightings of ‘rogue’ drones per week in the London airspace area alone.

The trial comes after it was revealed that the amount of near-misses involving drones at airports increased three-fold over a 24-month period.

Damon Knight, head of London Southend Airport Air Traffic Services, commented: “We do not have any outstanding issues with ‘rogue’ drone operations at London Southend, but we have had some sightings near the airport which fortunately have not affected our operations.

“However, we recognise that there is a wider problem for the aviation industry and so as an airport we have been very involved in understanding how we can deal with the issue and helping to explore ways to co-ordinate drone activity in the existing aviation operational framework.”

“After being introduced to IPS and METIS and witnessing a live demonstration of their drone surveillance system we recognised the huge potential of the system for the whole aviation industry and so therefore invited both companies to undertake a trial in an operational environment here at London Southend.”

The purpose of the week-long trial is to demonstrate and test the ability of the IPS-METIS SKYPERION Solution to monitor, detect, track and record the activity of RPAS in the vicinity of London Southend Airport.

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