FIVE MINUTES WITH: James Pick, Coptrz’ business development manager


UK-based commercial drone specialist Coptrz first entered the professional UAV sector just under two years ago and has successfully carved out a place as one of Britain’s top drone firms.

The company, which covers a raft of drone-based solutions, including software, training and support apps, is constantly on the lookout for new applications for UAVs.

Coptrz’ business development manager, James Pick, tells Commercial Drone Professional about the company’s strategic plans for growth and how the UAV landscape has shifted in the last 18 months.

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What was it 18 months ago that bought Coptrz to the industry?

The two owners, Steve and Paul, saw there was this gap and the full potential of what drones could actually bring to companies, whether it’s in surveying or construction or in the emergency service, and thought ‘we can help and it would be great to get involved with this industry’.

I have been with Coptrz for three months now and it’s so busy with the amount of people from a multitude of different industries wanting to get involved in the drone market and in the business, from people in the emergency services to people servicing construction. We get some really strange requests from people from various different backgrounds wanting to bring drones into their operations.

Coptrz is not static. We always get approached by different companies saying ‘I have got this idea’ and we never turn an idea away, we always listen to it. Drones are kind of a strange thing that people keep finding more applications for and we try to incorporate that as much as we can so we don’t stagnate and we’re continually developing with the industry.

What plans do you have for developing the company?

We surveyed something like 45,000 people and survey and construction was the main area where people saw growth. I was taken on in that regard to be able to target those companies, talk to them about their current work and work with them to develop something that could almost slip into their current ethos.

Survey companies that I have been talking to and working with, selling drones to, they have been really happy with the results, in terms of saving time. It stops them having to return to site if they have missed something. There has been quite good feedback from surveyors because drone capture the full area, they’re a client that comes back and says’ I need this area surveyed now’ and they will say ‘Oh we’ve already got that area’ just because they have got that full data set ready and waiting to go.

Are there plans to enter new territories?

At Coptrz we’re always open to new industries. At the moment we currently work heavily with the emergency services and I see that as growing even further, growing two-fold really. That’s a massive industry for us to get a hold of.

In terms of industries that we’re probably not looking at now, probably gas detection on site, where you actually have a platform which goes into a contaminated area or something, looking more at the safety side of things to prevent people going into a hazardous situation that they can just send a drone in to get that initial data set and using the results then to actually make another plan without having to endanger people’s lives.

How would you go about getting involved in those industries?

We have to get the products on board. In terms of disaster relief, which we have already got in our arsenal in terms of cameras and videos for initial assessments, if there’s a particular product out there which would interest us and we can see the potential for it to work in that area then we would take that on board, but it’s also down to the companies working in that industries to look at new avenues.

How does Coptrz look to compete with the companies that specialise in just one of the many aspects that Coptrz covers?

We try to set ourselves apart is with our personal touch. We do actually offer the ongoing support afterwards and we have a great team of professionals working in various industries, myself in surveys.

Coptrz will always compete. The amount of people I talk to on a daily basis who haven’t necessarily looked into he world of drones yet have certainly heard of us is a great kudos for us. In terms of our growth we have just got to keep our eye on the ball and keep going into these areas that we can learn from, talking to clients and them giving us the requirements that they need.

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