Fleet of mini drones smash Guinness World Record as part of headline spot at international show

The Intel Shooting Star Mini drone is the company’s first dron

A new Guinness World Record was set this week at international tech exhibition CES 2018, for the most UAVs airborne simultaneously from a single computer indoors.

At the conference, which was held in Las Vegas on January 7, Intel set the new record and flew 100 of its branded Shooting Star Mini drones as part of an indoor drone light show, ahead of the opening keynote speech from Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

The Intel Shooting Star Mini drone is the company’s first drone designed and built from the ground up to enable indoor light show experiences.

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It is designed with a super-lightweight structure and propeller guards and its light source can create more than 4 billion colour combinations.

This drone is the counterpart to the Intel Shooting Star drone that has been used at music festivals like Coachella, marquee sporting events, celebrations across Asia and more.

Intel previously set a Guinness World Records title when the company flew 500 Intel Shooting Star drones simultaneously in October 2016, outdoors in Hamburg, Germany.

In doing so, Intel beat its own previous record of 100 drones in less than a year.

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