Flight Safety Foundation, UN World Food Programme and Red Cross to boost humanitarian drone use


The UN World Food Programme, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Medecins Sans Frontieres have joined forces with the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) in a bid to accelerate drone use in humanitarian missions.

FSF hopes to facilitate and promote the safe use of unmanned aircraft systems to support humanitarian operations, with more partner organisations set to join in the near future.

The news was announced today in conjunction with the Foundation’s virtual 73rd annual International Air Safety Summit.

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The partnership’s other aims will include: providing a global platform for dialogue and information sharing on safety issues that may develop; to facilitate the sharing of best practices; to advance drone training and licensing standards; and to develop protocols for drone integration into the airspace.

“Unmanned autonomous and semi-autonomous flight operations are increasingly important to humanitarian relief operations around the world because they can be used to transport desperately needed food and medical supplies, to enhance communications and for data gathering, among other missions,” said Foundation president and CEO Dr. Hassan Shahidi.

He continued: “Once a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, this rapidly evolving technology may prove essential for delivering vaccine to vulnerable communities in remote areas.

“There is no higher calling than savings lives and helping the vulnerable.

“The Foundation is looking forward to working closely with our partners to answer this call.”

The Flight Safety Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, international organisation engaged in research, education, advocacy and communications to improve aviation safety.

The Foundation’s mission is to connect, influence and lead global aviation safety.

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