Flinn Scientific launches new drone design programme for school pupils

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A new educational drone design programme for 11-18 year-olds has been launched in the US by STEM education specialists Flinn Scientific.

Flinn Scientific’s new Drone application has been added to its existing web-based WhiteBox Learning STEM learning system.

Aimed at middle and high school students, the drone design programme offers students the chance to try their hand at both the design and build phases of the process.

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They will also learn about drone flight and vehicle control before they are asked to create their own craft.

WhiteBox Learning, a web-based learning system, will also allow drone design competitions between students – whether among the class or across the globe.

Michael Lavelle, CEO of Flinn Scientific, commented: “In addition to being thought of as a cool toy by students, drones are an emerging technology that can be used not only to enrich STEM learning in the classroom, but also to expose students to potential jobs in industries that are using drones in various ways.

“With WhiteBox Learning’s new DRONE application, students design and simulate their own drone model while building critical thinking, programming, design, engineering, mechanics, and data analysis skills needed for STEM careers.”

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