Ford hungry for a slice of the commercial drone industry

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International automaker Ford is poised to enter the commercial drone market as part of a company-wide expansion project.

The American manufacturer, which has specialised in motor vehicle production for 115 years, is reportedly entering the drone market as part of its ambition to develop all elements of transportation.

“As drone adoption accelerates, we think many of our customers will want to use these devices as part of their lifestyle, whether to pursue hobbies or even as a tool for their business,” Adi Singh, Ford’s principal drone scientist, told CNN.

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While Ford, which is currently the only auto specialist that sit on the FAA’s aviation rulemaking committee, is in the early stages of its drone market debut and hasn’t announced its full plans for how it will explore UAVs, it has been reported that the company has been eyeing the drone sector since 2016.

“It’s not enough for my team to just create the next big solution and create fancy drones and put them in vehicles,” Singh told CNN. “We need to work toward a system where that kind of integration is scalable.”

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