Ford takes further strides into drone industry with patent of “vehicle-integrated drone”

Ford Drone

Ford furthered its strides into the drone industry this week with the patent of a “vehicle-integrated drone.”

The programmable drone is able to automatically deploy from cars and trucks in emergencies and fly either autonomously or under pilot control to illuminate accident scenes with lights and sirens, stream photos and video, boost emergency communication, and enhance navigation. 

Ford says that the applications of the drone range from law enforcement to aiding rural drivers who are unable to see the road ahead.

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The drone is the latest in a series of innovations the manufacturing giant us working on, with further projects including using a drone’s anti-collision lights as an I.D. and tracking solution.

Ford research manager John Luo and scientist Adi Singh have said of the company’s drone operations: “We think many of our customers will want to use these [drone] devices as part of their lifestyle, whether to pursue hobbies or even as a tool for their business—no different than how they use an F-150 [pickup] or Transit [van] on a job site.

“By conducting in-house research in this emerging area while simultaneously participating in the regulatory conversation at the federal level, Ford is laying the groundwork to make sure our vehicles can deliver the right experiences to our customers as we transition to a smart world.”

Earlier this year, CDP caught up with Pat Manning from its UK operation to find out more about how drones are being integrated into their work.

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