Fortem is flying below the radar to prepare for airspace boom

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Radar technology is the key to ensuring safe drone operations as global airspaces become more crowded, claims Fortem CEO.

Fortem Technologies, which recently raised a $15m (£11m) Series A investment with participation from Boeing, offers accurate and cost-effective military-tested radar technology to enable safe BVLoS drone flights and help detect, classify and secure no fly zones against careless, clueless or criminal UAVs.

Following predictions that the global airspace could host four times the current level of UAV operations by 2022, the organisation’s CEO, Timothy Beam, told Commercial Drone Professional he believes that the key to ensuring safety for BVLOS operations is a radar system on the drones or on the ground to actively manage the airspace.

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“You have heard the comment, ‘flying below the radar,’ well Fortem solves that problem so drones are detected to enable a safe and secure airspace,” he said.

Fortem’s TrueView Radar, which is currently available worldwide, includes AI-enabled detection and classification to provide a complete view of local airspace and is not restricted by ITAR regulations.

“We have come forward with a great solution. TrueView has been acknowledged by the industry, with Boeing’s investment, and we hope to be part of the solution to make the new drone economy very safe and provide the benefits that the citizens of the world expect.”

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