Fortem reaches phase two of US Army’s xTechSearch 5 programme


Fortem Technologies’ F700 DroneHunter counter-UAV technology has impressed the US Army enough to prompt it to advance Fortem to the next stage of its xTechSearch 5 programme.

The xTechSearch 5 competition sees technology companies pitted against one another, all vying for a contract with the US Army.

The contract will see the successful companies collaborate with the Army in tackling challenges to national security, defense and public safety, using innovative technologies developed within the private sector.

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Fortem specialises in counter-drone solutions.

Its F700 DroneHunter is an autonomous interceptor drone equipped with the ability to deliver radio frequency (RF) and directed energy weapons countermeasures to small unmanned aircraft systems.

Meanwhile, the xTechSearch competitions were launched in 2018 and are sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology.

Fortem believes the DroneHunter 700’s past successes will stand it in good stead during the competition.

These include being tested by the likes of NATO and the US Department of Defense, as well as a $10 million (£8.2 million) contract with an undisclosed foreign police force.

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