Fortem selected by NATO for terrorism defence program using counter-UAV tech


Fortem Technologies has been selected by NATO to demonstrate its SkyDome Network defense platform for work to combat terrorism.

Fortem was identified for the program for its drone detection, classification and ThreatAware platform, and for its autonomous drone interceptor, DroneHunter.

The program, titled “Comparative Analysis of Lethal, Low Collateral Damage Effectors Against Low, Small and Slow UAV,” seeks to evaluate mitigation solutions for the emerging threat of small, dangerous UAV and is focused on the engagement part of the kill chain.

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Timothy Bean, Fortem’s CEO, said: “We are thrilled to be selected by NATO to further showcase the power and precision of our DroneHunter, the most advanced autonomous AI-enabled drone interceptor in the world.”

Adding: “Most systems that try to defend against criminal drones fail because 99% of the risk is from rogue drones that can no longer be jammed or hacked. With over 3650 kills, the DroneHunter is a proven solution that not only detects and pursues threatening drones, but delivers ordinance accurately and locally to the swarm or offending aircraft. Our DroneHunter nets and captures the offending drone and tows it to a safe location for forensic analysis.”

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (vice-chair), United States and The Netherlands are all actively supporting the project.

The industry selection meeting will be held at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, Belgium, December 17 and 18.

Recently, Bosch brought in high performance imaging to Fortem systems.

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