Fortem Technologies adds complete end to end C-UAS solution to its offering


Fortem Technologies has added the TrueView R30 radar to its end to end C-UAS solution.

As the newest addition to Fortem’s industry-leading array of radar products for advanced drone detection and threat assessment, the company says the TrueView R30 radar offers unprecedented clutter rejection, making it the highest performing, most cost-effective and compact radar in its class.

The addition of the R30 radar to Fortem’s SkyDome system fills the need for a mid-range solution to detect and mitigate rogue drones in areas where radio frequency (RF) and larger radar C-UAS solutions fail to detect autonomous dark drones.

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Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies, said: “We now have a cost-effective, short and mid-range networkable radar with accuracy and features perfect for diverse venues, campuses and entire metro regions.”

Adding: “The advancements Fortem has achieved with TrueView radar give security professionals the ability to see everything in their airspace at a lower cost point and higher accuracy and safety than ever before, while enabling unprecedented threat assessment capability.”

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