Fortem Technologies launches new DroneHunter F700 autonomous interceptor drone

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US-based Fortem Technologies has launched its new world-first radar-based autonomous interceptor drone, the DroneHunter F700.

In recognition of the ever-growing need for evolution in the counter-drone technology sector, Fortem Technologies has created the counter-drone F700, calling it a ‘safe, effective deterrent’.

Fortem describes its new flexible undercarriage and interchangeable counter measures for single, multiple or swarm-based threats.

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It also has a lightweight carbon fibre frame, allowing for greater speed and manoeuvrability.

Additionally, the undercarriage features pogo pins and payload snaps that are integrated with AI-enabled firing and flight software.

The F700 uses algorithms to safely navigate urban areas, and offers significant payload capacity to handle situations over civilians so that no drones fall from the sky.

Heavier drones are tethered or parachuted to a predetermined safe zone.

Timothy Bean, Fortem CEO, said: “We have advanced the DroneHunter F700 so that it can deliver any ordinance necessary to stop drones and to protect stadiums, refineries, campuses and entire metro regions. It is the premiere AI-enabled interceptor drone in the world.”

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