Fortem’s DroneHunter now neutralises a ‘wider array of drone threats’


Fortem Technologies has updated its DroneHunter counter-drone system, meaning it can now “capture a wider array of drone threats”, the company revealed.

The new SkyDome software enables DroneHunter to autonomously analyse size, speed and trajectory of threatening drones in order to increase its chances of capture.

Fortem, which specialises in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, revealed that DroneHunter will now be able to autonomously shift into one of three various modes to best defeat a threatening drone.

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The AI-driven interceptor drone now autonomously determines whether to chase, attack or defend against the threatening drone depending on the drone’s size, speed and trajectory.

“The Fortem SkyDome System is the AI needed to stop terrorist drones,” said Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies.

He continued: “Its autonomous capabilities allow security professionals to defeat dangerous drones safely, day and night, miles from a protected venue.

“The system is particularly useful when jamming or electronic defeat fails to stop drones that are pre-programmed from an iPad with malicious intent.” 

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