French authorities deploy tethered drone for security at music concert


French police used an Elistair tethered drone system to provide security at a music concert in the Bordeaux Arena.

In a move to assist the local police, a DJI M200 UAV, connected to Elistair’s Ligh-T tethering station was deployed to monitor access, entrances, exits, roads, people and vehicles at the event, with a situational awareness radium of 1.5km.

The drone, provided by service company Adéole, was powered from the ground and had a flight time of several hours in comparison to the usual 25 minute period.

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Alexandre Auger, CEO of Adéole stated: “The objective of this mission was to monitor traffic conditions before and after Orelsan’s concert. We flew 2 hours 45 minutes before the concert and 1 hour after with Elistair’s system.”

He added: “This innovation allowed us to significantly increase our flight time. During our previous missions, we did not have this system and the pressure related to battery life was huge. We were positioned on a site between the concert hall and the car park. The flights were carried out at a maximum height of 50 m, allowing all the traffic routes near the site to be monitored.”

The company went on to confirm that the same system will soon be used to monitor human flows after French Rugby matches.

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