Gannet’s waterproof fishing drone to launch this month


Tech company Gannet has announced it hopes to launch its waterproof fishing drone this month.

The drones, for which Gannet crowdfunded, are fully waterproof and release 3.5kg payloads of bait hundreds of metres away.

Gannet claims the drone can also be used by emergency rescue services at sea.

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The company also says the drone is well-equipped to fly in extreme weather conditions. As well as being waterproof it is sandproof, and the controller is GPS-enabled.

It uses a special barometric pressure control system to adjust its flight altitude, something all waterproof drones must do. This means that the drone ‘breathes’.

Most waterproof drones use a breathable mesh, but the Gannet utilises an “internal flight bladder”, as Gannet describe it.

If the air drawn in is particularly moist, it will simply run out of the system at a later stage, causing no damage to the electronics.

The Gannet Pro and the Gannet Pro+ start at £897.95 and £1,122.63 respectively.

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