Gatwick reopens after drones cause Christmas carnage


Gatwick Airport has reopened after numerous drone sightings caused Christmas chaos for thousands of passengers.

Stretching over three days altogether, over 150,000 passengers were affected, many of whom were flying away for a festive break or travelling to visit family and friends.

Drones were seen throughout the day at the airport, but none of which were able to be tracked and found by authorities, with the most recent sighting being at 10pm yesterday evening.

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Police and staff at Gatwick airport had to call in military backup as the day progressed when finding the culprits behind the disruption became increasingly difficult.

Speaking this morning, transport secretary Chris Grayling described the events as “a new type of threat” the UK has to deal with.

Speaking to the BBC, he also confirmed that there had been around 40 individual sightings of a ‘small number of drones’ which had caused the airport to be closed for such a long period of time.

After the army was called in yesterday afternoon, many appealed for the drones to be shot down but Grayling went on to stress that weapons could not be fired “haphazardly.”

Today, despite the runway reopening, police teams have been told to remain vigilant at the airport in case of any other drone activity as police teams have still not found who, and exactly what, was behind the attack.

Police are investigating a number of lines of inquiry and said throughout Thursday it did not believe it was terror-related.

It has since been reported that potential activists pushing an environmental agenda is one of a number of possibilities for the police force enquiry.

Read CDP’s timeline of events here, on how the day unfolded.

GATWICK RECAP: A timeline of yesterday’s events


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