German drone startup sees funding soar to new heights


Wingcopter, a German drone startup, has received a seven-figure funding boost from direct investments specialist Corecam Capital Partners.

Wingcopter produces autonomously flying delivery drones for social and civilian purposes.

The startup already has 35 members and has clients in 10 countries, but the new financing will help grow these numbers further.

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The team hopes bringing in new specialists will speed up the development of future drones.

Martin Lechner, managing partner of Corecam Capital Partners, commented: “The investment in Wingcopter is the ideal addition to our existing portfolio in the fast-growing drone technology market.

“Their unique tilt-rotor mechanism as well as the strong global patent protection and the interest of blue-chip customers were decisive for us”.

Thanks to tilt-rotor technology, Wingcopter’s drone can fly at Guinness world record speeds of up to 150mph and is resistant to strong winds up to 55mph.

The drone can complete delivery of many products with a range of 75 miles. The company also completed a six-month delivery contract with DHL.

Wingcopter also promises the safe delivery of important medical supplies such as medicines, vaccines, blood or lab samples.

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