Global TV news channel now employs over 90 trained drone pilots


World-famous television network Fox employs over 90 pilots to fly unmanned aerial vehicles, it has been revealed.

The Drive, a publication on auto motors and aviation, has reported that drones have near-enough replaced helicopters at Fox for aerial filming.

According to the publication the switch was made to enable access to hard-to-reach destinations and that it is the end goal to deploy a drone in every newsworthy situation.

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“I see it as a way for some of our very creative and talented storytellers to add a perspective to stories that they haven’t had in the past,” said WAGA general manager Bill Schneider, according to the publication.

“In the editorial process, they are going through that kind of conversation that you and I are having right now. How can we utilize the drone? Is this a helicopter story? Is it neither? I think it becomes part of the DNA or the fabric of the editorial process.”

In the UK, the BBC has previously sought third-party assistance to provide drone capabilities, including Lincolnshire-based Eagle Eye Innovations.

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