Golf course to use drones as snack drop-off devices

A golf course in North Dakota has started to use drones as devices which can drop snacks off to players around the course.

Golfers at King’s Walk Golf Course can use an app to order and pay for refreshments and get them delivered to wherever they are.

The drone will fly over around 10 minutes after an order has been placed, and lower the snack down on a rope.

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In an interview with CNNMoney, CEO at Flytrex, the company providing the technology for the service, Yariv Bash, said: “Wherever you are, you should be able to get what you want within a few minutes, why wait?”

Flytrex has experience in this area of drone work and has already made hundreds of food deliveries in Iceland this year.

However, this new initiative wants to help US golf courses which, according to the National Golf Federation, have seen a decline of 7% in the last ten years.

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