Google’s drone delivery spin-off ‘Wing’ aims to be operational in 2019

Wing, a drone delivery company owned by Google’s parent Alphabet, has set out plans to become operational in Finland next year.

The firm, which has already been used to deliver burritos in Australia, has said it will begin a testing flight phase in the spring with the hope of being fully functioning by the end of 2019.

It will start with small service testing trials in Helsinki with plans to scale up to full operation if the development phase is successful.

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Customers in the area will be able to use Wing’s delivery app to order a range of items which can be delivered during the company’s operating hours.

Wing says its drones can pick up a package from a business or home, fly to a designated destination, and gently lower the package to the ground in a precise location.

The company’s own UTM will be used to plan and manage the drones’ flight path from take-off to landing and make sure they plan routes around each other along with buildings, trees, and other obstacles.

On its website, Wing has included a survey to ask Helsinki residents what types of things they would like to see being delivered by drone.

This week, Amazon has said despite failing to have its Prime Air service up and running by 2019, it is still working to implement it as soon as it can.

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