Harness acquires Drone.io committing to open source


Harness has acquired self-service Continuous Integration firm Drone.io, the creator of the popular open-source project Drone.

It takes Harness into the open source software community and establishes Harness as the first self-service CI/CD platform for cloud and container-native applications.

The addition of Drone.io’s continuous integration to Harness’ industry-leading continuous delivery platform will enable developers and DevOps engineers to build, test and deploy software on-demand, without delay or downtime.

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Jyoti Bansa, CEO and co-founder of Harness, said: “Today’s software developers are under incredible pressure to create and deploy new applications on-demand, yet a lack of automation means their current process is highly manual, time-consuming and error-prone.”

Adding: “With the acquisition of Drone.io, Harness will continue to simplify software delivery for developers, and will fully embrace, and commit to, the open source community so that we can accelerate the speed of software delivery together.”

While Brad Rydzewski, CEO and founder of Drone.io, said: “I’m extremely proud of what our Drone community has accomplished, creating the first container-native CI self-service solution that is both simple and scalable for engineers to use. If you look at Harness Continuous Delivery, its DNA is similar to Drone – both are self-service, simple and scalable.

“Together we can take CI/CD to the next level for our open-source and enterprise communities.”

Harness says it will continue to invest, innovate and support Drone.io’s open source community, and currently has several internal projects under consideration for open source.

As part of the acquisition, Drone will continue to be open-source and free for the community, and will become Harness CI Community Edition.

Drone Enterprise will be sold as Harness CI Essentials Edition. Later this year, Harness will introduce Harness CI Enterprise Edition, a next-generation approach to CI that will redefine how engineers build and test code in the cloud.

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