HEISHA launches latest drone-in-the-box hardware platform


HEISHA has launched D.NEST, a new drone-in-the-box hardware platform.

The platform is compatible with DJI drones, open-source project drones and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

HEISHA detailed that has inventory at present and is capable of mass production for standard products.

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Based on HEISHA’s Third Generation Charging Pad C500, centring protection from IR upgraded and polished through 3 generations, D.NEST is described as reliable and stable automatic drone charging solution.

Equipped with T3 separated monitoring pile, built-in AI computer, remote control base and local router, D.NEST is easy to maintain and redevelop. Additionally, the hardware platform can be a data center and control center for different robots.

HEISHA operates an open-source interface API and SDK, making it highly compatible. Designed for use with the DJI Mavic and Phantom series, D.NEST can also be customized for use with the M200. M210, M300, M600, open-source UAVs and VTOL fixed-wing.

Equipped with the 5-in-1 PCB control K100 and industrial level materials, HEISHA also provides a useful, stable and cost-effective drone charging platform.

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