Heliguy launches specialist surveying course with Drone Survey School

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A new specialist drone surveying course has been launched to help professionals conduct more accurate and consistent drone surveys.

Heliguy has partnered with drone survey training provider Pieter Franken, of Drone Survey School , to host the Drone Survey Fundamentals training course.

The companies explained how the three-day training course will provide pilots with theoretical background knowledge required to carry out accurate drone surveys and how drone technology can be best utilised for aerial mapping missions.

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It is aimed at anyone who is already, or has plans to, perform aerial drone surveys.

Pieter Franken who will deliver the course, said: “This course will cover the theoretical background you need to know to be an aerial surveyor. It will save you valuable time in not making beginner mistakes and having to redo surveys.

“In addition, it will prevent you from disappointing your clients as you’ll be able to deliver on what you promised more consistently.”

With a postgraduate degree in GIS, and having worked for surveying companies across the world, Pieter founded and was the managing director of Terra Drone Europe.

Based in France, Pieter currently runs the Drone Survey School to train non-surveyors in the use of drone survey techniques.

Heliguy’s head of training, Ben Shirley, said: “Drones have become a vital piece of equipment in a surveyor’s tool kit. Therefore, we have launched the Drone Survey Fundamentals training course to demonstrate how a drone can transform mapping missions and highlight some of the skills drone surveyors need to know.”

“By partnering with Pieter, we have a drone surveying expert leading the course, helping surveyors unlock the true potential of their drones for aerial mapping. HELIGUY.com will offer support after the course, too.”

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