Home Office targets drone misuse as part of public consultation

The Home Office is meeting to consult on proposals to give police greater powers to stop and search people over the misuse of drones.

The consultation identified critical national infrastructure, sensitive sites, defence establishments, large-scale events and crowded public places as locations which face a potential threat of criminal or hostile drone activity.

The report outlined how the number of incidents of drones coming close to manned aircraft rose to 93 in 2017, a statistic the consultation felt could cause ‘catastrophic consequences’.

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The number has risen from zero just five years ago.

An increase in the use of drones to smuggle contraband into prisons was another factor highlighted by the consultation.

Mark Swan, director at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said: “Illegally-used drones and lasers are a very real safety risk to aircraft, particularly during critical phases of flight, such as take-off and landing.”

He added: “Laws are now in place to protect aircraft from both drones and laser pointers, and we support efforts by the police to enforce these laws.”

Just last week a drone was found to have been flown ‘deliberately’ at an aircraft, an act which the UK Airprox Board caused a ‘serious degree of risk’.

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