Honeywell and Volocopter sign navigation solutions R&D deal


Honeywell and Volocopter have signed an agreement to jointly test and develop new navigation and automatic landing systems for Volocopter’s VTOL aircraft.

The agreement will also launch Honeywell’s autonomous sensing and flight technologies, including inertial measurement units, attitude heading reference solutions and potentially other urban air mobility (UAM) innovations.

The solutions feature will aim to build on technologies developed under Europe’s Clean Sky 2 and Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research 2020 industry and government collaboration programs.

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Jan Hendrik Boelens, CTO at Volocopter, commented: “Honeywell and Volocopter aim to prove and mature existing technologies by testing and evolving various sensor-based navigation systems for use in fully-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. These tests will help the two companies create new technologies for urban air mobility.

He added: “Congestion and traffic jams continue to be time killers for people in modern megacities. New timesaving, environmentally friendly solutions are required, and air taxis will certainly be one of them.”

Carl Esposito, president at Electronic Solutions, Honeywell Aerospace, added how he is looking forward to see what the partnership can offer.

He said: “Honeywell is excited to be working with Volocopter, a global pioneer in the emerging industry of urban air mobility. Our global legacy of innovation serves all airspace users, as demonstrated through our involvement in the Clean Sky 2 and SESAR 2020 programs.”

Concluding: “Alongside Volocopter, we will be building on our fundamental expertise of navigation sensor solutions plus other landing expertise, moving us closer to the reality of urban air mobility.”

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