Hoverfly Technologies delivers 50th tethered LiveSky System


Hoverfly Technologies Inc. has celebrated selling its 50th LiveSky System, it announced yesterday.

The LiveSky tethered drone (TUAS) is a wired drone for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

The advantages of a tethered drone are twofold. It can fly indefinitely if powered by the right source. Secondly, the information it feeds back to the ground is also via the wire. Hoverfly claims that hacking, jamming, spoofing and interception will therefore not work on the device.

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Rob Topping, Hoverfly CEO, said: “Delivering the 50th LiveSky System to this customer is a testament to our $12 million investment in engineering development over the last several years to bring a truly autonomous enterprise TUAS solution to the market. The fact that it works from moving vehicles or vessels provides customers flexibility and tremendous value.”

The US government customer that bought the 50th model will not be identified.

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