How mini drones are being deployed to kill insects


Miniature drones used in agriculture could have wide-ranging applications as technology advances further, according to a leading expert in indoor UAVs.

Bram Tijmons is CEO of PATS Indoor Drone Solutions, which makes drones specifically designed to target and kill insects harmful to plants, removing the need for insecticides.
But he believes that the tiny drones could be deployed in different scenarios in the future.

“For our specific application – insect control – there are actually numerous indoor environments where our solution can help out. Aside from horticulture, think of food processing or storage for example,” he said.

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Tijmons said: “I believe [the drones] can work alongside nature very well. Take for example horticulture – or agriculture in general – again, growers deal with a number of pests threatening their crops. Some pests can be controlled with natural predators, keeping a balance in the eco-system through harmful and beneficial insects.

“And other pests can today only be controlled with insecticides, heavily interfering with this natural balance. For these pests our drones can be a sustainable solution, working alongside the natural predators, together keeping pests in check and securing the farmer’s crops.”

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