Hybrid UAV stays aloft for record-breaking stint


Drone manufacturer Quaternium has reported a landmark achievement having successfully flown a hybrid unmanned system for a “record-breaking” amount of time.

The manufacturer flew its HYBRiX.20 fuel-electric quadcopter for three hours and 35 minutes in what it describes as a “world record flight for a self-powered multicopter.”

Last year a commercial drone operator used a bespoke quadcopter to cross the English channel in a 72-minute jaunt, while others such as dronemaker Skyfront have previously claimed endurance records well in excess of four hours.

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While other companies claim to have exceeded three hours, Guinness World Records lists the longest drone flight as two hours, six minutes and seven seconds.

Despite many companies claiming longer flight times, the record currently stands at this time as no Guinness officials were on hand to document the event.

The drone used for the record was the Hybrix.20 multicopter, a hybrid gasoline-electric drone, using the considerable range and endurance this configuration offers for applications like surveillance, mapping, crop-monitoring and inspections.

As a way of proving the legitimacy of its achievement, Skyfront produced a time-lapse video to show its drone in action and that is the same approach Quaternium has taken with its latest record-setting attempt.

The 215-minute flight took place on Christmas Eve in Valencia, Spain. A timelapse of the event is available to watch below.

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