IBM takes flight to deliver coffee with drones

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American multinational technology company, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has made its drone industry debut by filing for a patent.

IBM has requested a patent for coffee delivery drones that can predict when a customer needs a drink based on biometrics, blood pressures, pupil dilation, facial expressions.

People could also use “a gesture like beaconing or waving to indicate interest,” IBM said in its filing with the US Patent Office.

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The patent request stated that the drone could “take advantage of social psychological effects by first providing coffee to a person who is popular, famous or otherwise has a high social status.”

“Drone technology has increased to support delivery of packages around the world. Drones that are functioned to deliver products have yet to deliver beverages based on the person(s) being served to.”

The Financial Times reported that, while IBM declined to comment on whether the filing was part of its shift to new businesses, the filing reveals how the company is looking to wed its traditional expertise in hardware with its newer AI focus.

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