ICAO asks for feedback on “major re-think” of NOTAM system


The ICAO has set out its vision to establish an efficient system that makes short-term changes to aeronautical information available for users.

It says that in order to do so, the time has come for a major re-think of the NOTAM system.

The ICAO acknowledged that “the purpose of the NOTAM” will not change and confirmed that it will remain a mechanism to provide temporary but essential operational information made available at short notice.

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It was also acknowledged that developing a long-term solution is preferable to making small adjustments to the existing system and detailed how it is envisioned that the future NOTAM system will take into consideration the availability of quality-assured digital aeronautical data in line with the SWIM concept.

For this, it set out the objectives of:

  • introducing a more efficient mechanism to exchange temporary aeronautical information that is currently provided by the NOTAM system;
  • providing new capabilities to airspace users to tailor the aeronautical data/information changes to their operational needs;
  • increasing safety and improving situational awareness;
  • meeting user requirements (the information is “relevant”; consequently, reduce the instances of NOTAM being irrelevant to operations);
  • finding/receiving information when it is needed (efficiency) potentially during various phases of the flight;
  • increasing usability of the information, both from a system and human point of view;
  • retrieving information based on aircraft performance or type of operations of flight plan or trajectory; and
  • presenting information in graphics where possible. (e.g. instead of a list of coordinates, show a “volume of airspace” on a chart).

Find the questionnaire related to user requirements HERE.

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