Impossible Aerospace combines tech with SeekOps for Oil and Gas sector work


Impossible Aerospace is collaborating its US-1 drone with gas sensor manufacturer and service provider, SeekOps’ SeekIR.

The new platform allows SeekOps’ natural gas leak inspection service to address larger geographical areas and complex facilities.

SeekOps CEO, Andrew Aubrey, commented: “A drawback of UAS for industrial inspection is the limited flight time of all-electric multirotor systems. SeekOps’ unique capabilities in drone-based gas detection are augmented when coupled with Impossible’s novel UAS. Longer endurance translates to less down time, enabling superior performance and measurement capability.”

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The combination of the SeekIR miniature natural gas sensors and the US-1 UAS increases coverage area capabilities in SeekOps gas detection operations.

The company claims it will soon be scaling for BVLOS operations.

Impossible Aerospace CEO, Spencer Gore, added: “We believe the US-1, paired with powerful sensors like the SeekIR, can unlock industry missions that were not previously possible. We are proud that the US-1 can help facilitate the detection of natural gas leaks in a faster, more efficient manner.”

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