Impossible Aerospace US-1 drone responds to California fire


Impossible Aerospace’s US-1 drone responded to a four-alarm construction site fire.

The blaze was only minutes away from the company’s Santa Clara HQ and equipped with thermal and optical sensors, the aircraft hovered on station for one hour and six minutes before the fire was extinguished.

According to Impossible Aerospace, the US-1 delivered high definition thermal video to ground crews, allowing them to easily identify hot spots to share with first responders.

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The aircraft was operated by Impossible Aerospace pilots as part of the company’s Rapid Response program offered to neighbouring agencies.

The device has capability to deliver between 78 and 90 minutes of flight time when carrying payloads used by first responders, significantly outperforming other multirotor drones on the market.

CEO Spencer Gore commented: “We designed the US-1 to deliver the performance of a helicopter at less than one percent of the price.”

Adding: “It’s made for the 99.8% of municipalities that lack air assets. Some call it a drone, but it’s no toy. The US-1 is a performance aircraft made to respond to real emergencies, and it’s built by an American company. We were glad to hear there were no casualties. Santa Clara is our home. We are always here to help if we can.”

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