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The combination of RIEGL’s state-of-the-art hardware for UAV-based laser scanning and innovative software packages for data acquisition and processing results is providing powerful solutions for multiple fields of application.

If the old adage that life begins at 40 is true then airborne laser scanner specialist RIEGL has got plenty to be excited about. The company is celebrating four decades in business this year, during which time it has become a beacon for innovation and superior LiDAR performance.

The essence of its offering to the drone sector is very simple: laser scanning utilising high-end unmanned airborne platforms provides users with the possibility to acquire data in dangerous and hard-to-reach areas while offering an excellent cost-to-benefit-ratio for numerous applications. This includes everything from corridor mapping and topography in open-cast mining to agriculture and forestry, and even the surveying of urban environments.

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This year has already brought some significant milestones for the business, most notably the extension of its product portfolio. RIEGL claims it can now offer the most comprehensive LiDAR sensor and system portfolio in the industry, while the introduction of additional production capacities gives customers more choice than ever before. As if that wasn’t already enough, the company has broken ground on a new facility, in Horn, Austria, and expanded its worldwide footprint by opening a subsidiary in Australia.

Silvia Zaiser, marketing manager at RIEGL, says the business is keen to build on the foundations that it has laid within the UAV market during the past 12 months. “In 2019 we want to continue developing new innovations to extend our broad portfolio and with the latest products we will start serial production to meet the demand. And, of course, we are constantly exploring groundbreaking ideas to further increase the possibilities of LiDAR.”

RIEGL’s experience in the market provides it with a level of expertise that has allowed it to innovate within the UAV segment and develop products for a wide range of applications.

Zaiser insists the key has always been to listen to customers and be guided by their demands and expectations.

While its LiDAR portfolio for long range laser scanning applications is already comprehensive, the company is focused on enhancements.

“It’s our goal to further tailor our products and services to the applications,” she says. “We want to provide our customers with high-end solutions that enable them to meet their goals in mining, public safety, architecture and many others. We provide our customers with state-of-the-art LiDAR performance and an outstanding history of reliability and support. An expanding global network of offices and distribution partners also enables proximity to customers.”

With its unrivalled knowledge of laser rangefinders, distance metres and scanners, RIEGL can feel confident that the next 40 years will bring even more success in the world of 3D innovation.

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