ALTI is an award-winning unmanned aircraft company, offering an advanced fleet of endurance VTOL unmanned aircraft.

ALTI is no new kid on the block and has been around for well over 8 years, starting off from an “idea” and driven by passion back in the day when the commercial word “drone” was still foreign to most.

Duran de Villiers, owner and founder of ALTI, conceptualized the first ALTI aircraft (using years of experience in developing and manufacturing multi-rotor drones) to allow a fuel-powered fixed-wing aircraft the ability to take-off and land vertically.

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While the concept of a VTOL (vertical take-off and land) fixed wing is not new to today’s industry, ALTI remains the first company to commercially offer an ultra-long endurance VTOL and is still regarded as one of the world’s best VTOL endurance leaders.

Although ALTI is based in the beautiful Knysna (Western Cape South Africa), they have been 100% export with clients around the globe, ALTI has also expanded their footprint with partners, resellers and distributors in North America and many other countries.

To date, ALTI has developed different sized rapidly deployable aircraft to match almost any customers’ demand. 

Regarded as a small and ultra-compact-endurance VTOL, the ALTI Ascend aircraft has a wingspan of two metres capable of delivering flight speeds of up to 75 km/h. The craft’s maximum take-off weight is 9 kg, which includes multiple payload options of just under 600g, depending on the mission. It can stay airborne for up to six hours and cover some 450kms.

The medium sized and most popular Transition aircraft has a wingspan of three metres, stays airborne for up to 12 hours and can cover around 900kms per flight with payload options of up to 1.5kg. Lastly the Reach, with a wingspan of 6 metres and flight time of more than 12 hours offers payload options of up to 7kg.

Whether it being Security & Surveillance, Mapping & Photogrammetry or Defense & Military orientated projects, ALTI’s fleet each comes with ultra-long endurance capabilities and packed with incredibly reliable multi-rotor systems, fuel powered combustion engines all wrapped in the most advanced carbon composite VTOL airframe available on the market. Also included is the inhouse developed ultra-compact “plug-and-play” avionics system called AvioX.

It features a “ready to fly” autopilot with redundant avionics capabilities to maintain a high-quality autopilot, flight control and power distribution system, all in one.

ALTI also offers an inhouse developed C² (Command and Control) ground control station. The ALTI C² is rugged, compact, portable and simply put, powerful. The user-friendly interface enables quick and easy mission planning and flight control, switches seamlessly between flight modes and payload settings while ensuring real-time, reliable data and video communication.

Whilst manufacturing these VTOL UAV’s, ALTI is currently in the process of developing multiple other exciting projects like multi-rotor, all-electric VTOL and an extremely exciting new unmanned surface vessel project called SeaX.

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