Three percent of certified drone pilots globally are female, a shocking statistic that fails to do justice to the strong and talented female presence within it.

CEO and co-founder of Women Who Drone, Elena Buenrostro, is hoping that her efforts will help towards the company’s ultimate goal of changing the gender gap between men and women when it comes to drone pilots.

She started the company on the back of support she received following drone footage she captured of the Great Wall of China while on holiday.

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Since its beginnings around 12 months ago, Women Who Drone has grown significantly and now has brand ambassadors across the globe with the aim to inspire, educate and empower more women to learn to fly drones, obtain licenses, and join the industry.

It recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and released a subsequent video asking for donations to help expand the brand. On how the campaign has gone so far, Buenrostro reflects: “So far so good. We’ve been talking to a few companies about being a sponsor so we have a sponsor package on there for around $10,000 (£7,330). We still have around 40 days left and we are currently at around $5,000 (£3,865) but we are just spreading the word as much as we can.”

Women Who Drone also hosts workshops to give drone pilots the chance to build on their skills and welcomes both men and women. Discussing its global expansion and worldwide community, Buenrostro says: “We have about 45 brand ambassadors around the world who work with us and can also monetise their work with the partnerships we have.

“That is the brand ambassador programme and then we have an online community which is a subgroup. That sees our women working with each other, learning from one another and a lot of our students from our workshops get a lot from that group, but it is a growing community.”

Ultimately, Buenrostro and her colleagues hope that their efforts will lead to real change in the industry.

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