Insitu and Amazon Web Services join forces to demo data management system


Insitu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a bid to bolster data connectivity in internet-free environments.

Insitu recently celebrated a successful trial deployment of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Snowball Edge, a service that accelerates transferring large amounts of data into and out of AWS using physical storage appliances, bypassing the internet in Queensland, Australia.

Following on from it successful trial deployment, the ScanEagle UAV, which is linked with AWS’s Snowball Edge, pre-configured with Insitu’s three-dimensional reconstruction algorithms to generate a precise, 3-D model of an infrastructure in a remote location with no internet connectivity.

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The data was pre-processed and validated within hours of acquisition at the isolated site, allowing operators to immediately move the data to the customer’s INEXA Cloud business account running on the nearest AWS Region for deep analytics and data storage.

INEXA Cloud, part of Insitu’s INEXA comprehensive suite of professionals, tools and services, was deployed by the Insitu Commercial team in conjunction with Insitu’s ScanEagle UAV to collect, process, and move terabytes of remote sensing data in collaboration with AWS.

“One of the biggest challenges for remote site inspection and data management is the word ‘remote,’” said Jon Damush, Insitu’s chief growth officer.

“By definition, remote implies ‘removed from infrastructure,’ which in our world means little to no internet connectivity. The scale of this type of work means we needed to collaborate with a company that could help us find a path forward, and AWS was that company. With the combination of INEXA Cloud and AWS Snowball Edge, our customers can load terabytes of data, process the data on-site, pre-check and validate the results, send it to INEXA Cloud, and evolve the data with ongoing analysis, confident that the data’s integrity has been corroborated.”

Rahul C. Thakkar, director of Insitu Commercial Cloud, added: “This new capability can solve a major problem that large enterprise customers operating in remote areas have faced on a daily basis. We are pleased to offer this simple, powerful, and cost-effective solution to our customers.”
As a one of the industry leaders in the aerial and remote sensing spaces for more than 20 years, Insitu continuously looks to expands its computer vision and machine learning capabilities to develop custom, autonomous, end-to-end solutions for customers.

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