EXCLUSIVE: Aligning insurance with activity “key driver” for agricultural drone operators, says Flock

Agricultural drone operators and aligning insurance based on activity is a "key driver" for the market vertical, Flock has said. The company detailed that agricultural drone insurance has traditionally followed that of a regular fixed annual policy but that is something that can be changed to the benefit of the operations. In conversation with Flock’s drone partnerships manager, Tommy Wilson explained how flexibility is the way forward. He said: “The core of Flock Enterprise is our ability to offer flexible pricing, cover and timeframes. This allows us to create completely tailor-made UAV insurance policies. We don't take that lightly. “Using
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Coverdrone updates Flysafe App in partnership with Altitude Angel

Coverdrone has updated its Flysafe App, launching with new, additional features. In partnership with Altitude Angel, the Coverdrone team has been working to develop its mobile app, which helps commercial and recreational drone pilots safely plan and operate their flights. New Features: Location Pin: A pin will now show on the map when searching for a location.Map Scale: A handy scale is now visible on the top-left corner of the map.UTM Connectivity Indicator: We’ve made it easier for users to request permission to fly in restricted airspace. Look out for the ‘UTM Connectivity’ section in the details for Flight Restriction
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SkyWatch.AI drone insurance launches partnership with ParaZero

SkyWatch.AI drone insurance and ParaZero have entered into a collaboration that will allow drone pilots, using the SafeAir Parachute, to receive reduced rates on their drone insurance. The companies have teamed up in order to further benefit safe pilots who take extra measures to reduce drone risks. Pilots with ParaZero’s SafeAir system can now share their flight data with SkyWatch.AI and receive a higher Safety Score that will provide them with a unique reduced rate. At the same time, SkyWatch.AI's pilots will be able to receive significant discounts for ParaZero's system in addition to their end-of-year prices. The collaboration between
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